Hi, my name is Sam! I’m a passionate photographer and an avid traveler based in Vancouver, Canada. Photography started for me more than ten years ago merely as a curiosity, then into a hobby, and has now become a living passion. I used to love capturing still and landscape photography, which I thought were beautiful and (somewhat) predictable. I was later intrigued by documenting motion – especially with people – which has lead me into event and wedding photography, something I am truly grateful to be a part of.


Finding the right photographer for your special day or event could be a daunting task. However, I’d like to say that photography is all about you, connecting with the right art and style. Photography is more than just simply clicking the shutter of a camera.

It’s about capturing the story of the people in front of the lens through the eyes of the photographer.
It’s about reliving the natural beauty and emotions of important moments.
It’s about building life-long connections and friendships.


I am available for various bookings and assignments worldwide.
If you like what you see, please drop a note and let’s connect!